some notes

Here's some notes about the THS Class of 1971 website:

Site URL names/locations:

For reasons I won't go into the site's name and actual location are different. We registered the name (so we could control it) and then set it to forward to the company we bought hosting space from ( The reason we went with them is they had all the bells and whistles already set up specifically for reunions.

So the site's real address without forwarding is :

Try this link to get to the site. Some web browsers block site forwarding for security reasons.


Maiden Names:

The site is a bit odd about how the names get displayed. The whole database is designed to function mainly on the last names we had in high school. This is due to the prebuilt site data format and I can't change it. Just be advised if you swap maiden name and last name the nametags at the reunions may not print out in the correct order. I really tried th check this and I apologize if I missed anybody.

Yearbook Photos:

We will be displaying yearbook photos for members who've joined. I've scanned all the photos  as a batch files of 3x3 and processed them to get rid of halftone dots. But, rather than cutting out and cropping all 423 photos at once, I cut out and crop them one at a time as people join the site. I also save them with your names, then post them to the site. So, given this process, I usually have the yearbook photo for a joined class member posted within a day or so.


A Photo disclaimer:

As you know the Sr class photos and the group photos of the Sophomore home rooms are scanned in from vintage yearbooks. Some of the photos are super light and some are dark. I can't do anything about that. If there's nothing there (as in too light) then the scanned photo will be too light. I am sorry any if any of the name tags came out badly.

I'll post any more site specific info here as the site gets used more.